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Welcome to Black Dog Hydrotherapy.


about us.

We are based at Touch Canine Care Centre in Knaresborough. We are a multi disciplinary specialised canine care centre based conveniently close to the beautiful , historical market town of Knaresborough.

Black Dog Hydrotherapy offers therapeutic and exercise swims in purpose built surroundings in a rural setting.

Swimming can be of benefit to all dogs – fit, healthy dogs, pregnant bitches, show dogs and puppies as well as providing treatment for dogs with problems.


Why Hydrotherapy for Dogs ?

The natural way to promote healing and physical well being..

Improves cardiovascular fitness.and strengthens muscles

Healthy Joints

Improves joint movement and promotes healthy joints

Recover from injury

The ideal non weight-bearing way to excersise

An introduction to Hydrotherapy

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Our team.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Jannette Slade-Andrews


Carolyne Robinson


Kate Robson


Zoe Allwood

Poolside Assistant / clerical administrator


Price Guide.

Please call 01423 865842 or email regarding prices
We understand your requirement and provide a quality service.


We initially took our old Border Collie Finn to Black Dog Hydrotherapy shortly after it opened at Skipton Road Harrogate. He initially had carpal hyperextension, but Black Dog also saw him through two cruciate operations and arthritis as he got older, he absolutely loved going and the hydrotherapists always treated him as a first class customer. Subsequently we have had all our dogs starting with fun swims as puppies, it is such good exercise for them and they love going. Recently Ted has done water treadmill there to build up his muscles before cruciate surgery and he will be looking forward to when he can return, to rebuild that muscle to get him back to full strength. Many thanks to Jannette for opening on a Bank Holiday to make sure he got his last treatment the day before his surgery.

—————-  Chris

It is with pleasure, that thanks to Black Dog Hydrotherapy I can announce a significant improvement in 10yr 6month old Weimaraner Bert. He was showing a degree of muscle wastage with some stiffness and abduction in his hind leg, so with the  agreement of the vet I considered that some hydrotherapy might improve the situation and promptly made contact with Black Dog Hydrotherapy … and how glad I am that I did. Bert was booked in for 10 weekly sessions with leading practitioner Janette ably assisted by Kate. 

An enclosed treadmill and over time increasing in depth of water, speed and incline.Janette was always ‘hands on’ training re alignment, correction of drive and conditioning of hind leg placement , while Kate competently  maintained Bert’s concentration levels. Bert was able and indeed enjoyed each session due to the care, handling and professional approach by the team. Having reached week six Bert seemed to turn a corner (literally at speed) !!! He was once again keen on walks and NO LONGER keen to go home,some free running  without any onset of stiffness thereafter.

Because of his improvement I have decided to continue his hydrotherapy at two week intervals progressing to three week and then once a month. Thank you Janette, Katie & Zoe (proficient in the administration/booking side of the sessions) I have Bert back, yes he’s approaching his senior years. … but presently thanks to BLACK DOG HYDROTHERAPY…you wouldn’t think so. 

—————-  Joanne and Bert 

hydrotherapy has undoubtedly eased our 14-year-old Labradors arthritis. Indie is almost fully blind but this doesn’t stop her weekly swim lessons. She has had a very active life shooting, competing in Field Trials and being a family dog. Old age has caught up with her and she was suffering with general stiffness and weakness in her back end. Her weekly sessions have greatly increased her strength, balance and movement. More importantly she bounces into the car and can’t wait for her swim! The staff are all so lovely and caring. Highly recommended

——————- Kathryn Marston



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Black Dog Hydrotherapy
Unit 6
Orchard Court
Isles Lane
01423 865842


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.